Social responsibility

YESSS continues to champion many charitable and ethical causes, as well as ensuring our goods and services don’t impact society or the environment in any way”



Regarded as the best global solution to environmental challenges, YESSS wants to increase the number of its electric vehicles by 2025.
A challenge to which we want to commit ourselves.
We also provide electric charging stations in our offices for our customers, visitors and employees to encourage this transport solution.

We are also transforming our working methods with the goal of a circular economy and to reduce the environmental impacts. In order to limit and optimize our transport, our delivery routes are designed to limit polluting emissions. Our staff favors teleconferences and videoconferences to significantly reduce their number of trips by plane and car, and thus their carbon footprint.


Respect for
the environment


Since 2012, YESSS is committed to reducing the environmental impact by ensuring the life cycle of its products.

Recycling terminals for batteries, batteries and other light bulbs are available in our points of sale to ensure that this commitment is respected.

In addition, we do not distribute plastic bags, take care of unnecessary packaging, and prefer the exceptional use of recyclable shopping bags.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

The Group embraces teleconferencing and video conferencing technology, so as to limit any travel by plane and car, which in turn helps to reduce our carbon footprint.



In order to move towards renewable energies and reduce its electricity consumption, YESSS Group relies on the development of branches equiped with photovoltaic panels.

Square James Joule – 49300 CHOLET

Rue Gutenberg ZI Bois Joli – 85500 LES HERBIERS.

1885 Avenue du 9 septembre – 20240 GHISONACCIA

YESSS Group undertakes never to leave the windows of its branches and its offices lit up at night. Objective: to limit the massive emissions of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming



In addition to the environment, YESSS wants to be a leading player in the development of its employees and have a positive impact on them at all levels. That’s why we are also committed to promoting rewarding careers for all without discrimination..


Yesss sponsors the team radiant who participates in the race raid Amazons in favor of the association Electrician without borders

YESSS was an official supporting partner of the Invictus Games in 2014, with YESSS Power continuing its support in the 2018 games capturing some fantastic footage of the English team in Sydney Australia.

YESSS began supporting Walking with the Wounded in 2015, as well as participating in the annual ‘Walking Home for Christmas’ campaign

Yesss partner of the race

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